Marble Run. Plaster, Wood, Metal, Raku Fired Clay, Mechanical & Electronic parts. 2016. This kinetic piece is fuelled by my anger at the mistreatment of and lack of support for the most vulnerable communities in our society. One in five UK residents now live below the poverty line and the income inequality we are experiencing is desperate. The wealthiest 1% in the UK have approximately 12.9% of the country’s total income, whereas the poorest 50% of us have just 8.7% (OECD). Marbles run through this artwork like currency and over time will end up at the nightmarish outcome of our capitalist society; that one day perhaps, the wealthiest in our society will have 100% of the UK’s total income, our lives will be totally dependent on and controlled by them. In effect, I am arguing against the fictional prosperity of ‘Trickle Down Economics’, by subtly placing the economic reality in an interactive, playful, marble run metaphor. Where marbles represent money and in a society where all individuals have a labour value, we play God with the lives presented to us in a rigged game with one inevitable
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Silicone Mold. Silicone, Thixo, Plaster. 2016
In the workshop. Plaster. 2016.
IMAG3551 copy
Marble Mold. Vinamold, Plaster. 2015-16.
Emily Panizzi
Ceramic Balls. (Raku & Glazes). 2016.



Ceramic Balls. (Raku & Glazes). 2016.



75%. Exposure – Exhibition at The Abacus, Cardiff. 2015.



5%. Exposure – Exhibition at The Abacus, Cardiff. 2015.





Exposure – Exhibition at The Abacus, Cardiff. 2015. The mistreatment of and lack of support available to the most vulnerable communities in our society fuels the relentless attempts to cast my plaster marbles – similar to the lives of those below the poverty line, the marbles are vulnerable, uncertain in their place and easily altered by exterior influences. In this artwork, ‘20%’ represents the 1 in 5 currently living in poverty in the UK. ‘5%’ represents those in society who benefit from austerity and the exploitation of the 20%. ‘75%’ represents the ambiguous space in between both extremes.
Fragility. Plaster, paper, bamboo. 2015.
Pyramid. Paper,plaster,bamboo. 2015.
Fragility. Paper, plaster, bamboo. 2014.
Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum. Digital Photography. 2014.
Variations on a Cube. Laser Cut Card. 2015.